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Kathleen Windsor will help make your website design project a lot of fun. Special Services - Site Maintenance
Creation and maintenance of a Windsor Graphics website go hand-in-hand. I highly recommend maintenance of your website be handled by the original designer. It has been my experience that the staff or volunteer training and subsequent follow-up is more time-consuming, more expensive, and less efficient than having a professional maintain your website. The content of your site is protected when only one person knows passwords and can make changes. Staff or volunteer turnovers are not a problem. Staff or volunteer workload is not a problem. I also recognize that when you want to have a change made, you want to have that change made immediately.

In my office, updating and maintenance of each website receives priority. If a basic change is requested on Monday, that change will appear on your website on Monday, 95% of the time. Larger or more elaborate changes may span a number of days, and I will provide an anticipated timeline for those types of updates.

Taking Care of Business!.

We can make your website "Come Alive!"
Kathleen can include interactivity on your website. Just ask about all the possibilities.
The true power of the Internet is realized through the appropriate use of Online Apps or Management systems where the source of data for the application is contained in databases. This could be a phone list, email list, membership list, product list or any other kind of list that might otherwise be stored in a spreadsheet or database format. The beauty of having these lists available through an Online App is that it is available for access and management from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection can be obtained.

Moreover, these lists can be made available, with restrictions, to customers and clients to subscribe, update or review information pertinent to them as individuals or groups. Enrollments, list updating and even invoice payments can be enabled and managed through our Online Apps. I would be happy to discuss whether an Online App is appropriate for you.

Web 2.0 draws together the capabilities of client- and server-side software, content syndication and the use of network protocols.
This is the process used to create website features like drop-down menus, rollover buttons and text links through Java. But it's so much more than just that. Dynamic scripting can be used to create unique and progressive calendars, photo galleries, product lists, automatic rollovers, member directories and so much more.

Dynamic scripting provides the medium through which reams and reams of information may be presented to your website visitor in manageable bits and pieces. Manageable in terms of what you can expect your website visitor to absorb, what you want your website visitor to see, as well as meeting the limitations of monitor resolution. The bits and pieces become the website content with dynamic scripting controlling the navigation, timing or order the bits and pieces are presented.

Dynamic scripting is incredibly powerful. Event calendars organize a vast array of activities, times and places into an easy, fast, reference for your website visitor. Photo galleries compile huge libraries of photographs into chronologic, categorized albums. Automatic rollovers take scores of data and present them individually and sequentially to your website visitor daily, weekly or monthly. Product lists become an online catalogue through dynamic scripting providing the product name, number, sizes available, pricing, and so on. Through all of this, dynamic scripting provides the means by which navigation through incredibly large lists is incredibly easy.

Some websites lend themselves to the inclusion of dynamic scripting, some do not. Knowing the difference and having the resources to incorporate dynamic scripting into your website is where I go way beyond the abilities and capabilities of most web designers.

Web Servers

Through the WinWare IT department, Windsor Graphics maintains three web servers all configured to host and deliver Online Apps and Dynamic Scripting. In fact, portions of this website are provided to you through these processes as seamless, maintenance free, up-to-date, automated page content. The robust operation of our web servers makes this possible.

If you are looking for web hosting services capable of providing these dynamic features as part of your website, I would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Mail Servers

Windsor Graphics' IT Department provides electronic mail service to our clients through three secure, stand-alone mail servers. These mail servers employ SPF, POP before SMTP, DNSBL, Address Verification, GeoIP, Address Filtering and SpamAssassin to provide extremely secure receipt, storage and delivery of your electronic mail.

All our mail servers offer POP3 service as well as Webmail for access to your email when you are away from your office.

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